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Looking for Calvin and Hobbes with Author Nevin Martell – Ep.6

Nevin Martell - Author of Looking for Calvin and Hobbes

Nevin Martell – Author of Looking for Calvin and Hobbes

Howdy folks – Space Man Spif….errrrr uhh, Dan Hollis here. What an exciting interview we had today on Wisdom Trackers! Our guest was Nevin Martell, author of Looking for Calvin and Hobbes: The Unconventional Story of Bill Watterson and his Revolutionary Comic Strip. Our journey with Nevin covered all things Calvin and Hobbes including the wonderful and very private creator of Calvin and Hobbes, Bill Watterson. Nevin is a writer by trade and it was a thrill for him to write a book on this subject.

We explored quite a few areas:

  • How wonderful the strip was (the writing/ the artwork) and how much it meant to Nevin and myself, not to mention millions of other fans
  • Some background on the characters and genesis of Calvin and Hobbes
  • How Nevin went about researching, interviewing and gathering information to put the book together – all of which turned out to be fantastic (actually, we got a great sneak peek into this ;)
  • How thrilling it was for Nevin to communicate with people connected to Watterson while researching for the book
  • A look at Bill Watterson himself – from Bill’s college days through the 10 years and 3,160 Calvin and Hobbes strips to a mention of where he went and what he’s doing now
  • Lots of unique Calvin and Hobbes pearls of wisdom and tidbits that even hardcore fans may not have been aware of

…and a whole lot more!

Looking for Calvin and Hobbes by Nevin Martell

Personally, Calvin and Hobbes is my favorite comic strip of all time. End of story. Enjoying the strip is like jumping in my own personal Time Machine and revisiting my childhood. And it really is timeless! If you enjoyed Calvin and Hobbes (past and present) you will really enjoy listening to us spin a yarn or two. And if you haven’t picked up Nevin’s book yet, what are you waiting for? Seriously!

Well, time to jump in my red wagon and try pulling off that triple lindy again down Bloody Guts Hill while philosophizing about life!

Thanks again, Nevin!

Nevin Martell – Author of Looking for Calvin and Hobbes, food writer, pop culture archaeologist, photographer, www.nevinmartell.com

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