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A Look Back at the History of Computers Through the Eyes of My Pop, Phil Hollis – Ep.7

Dan here. This episode of Wisdom Trackers was a special treat for me because along with my Wisdom Tracker partner in crime Chris, we had the privilege of  interviewing a most wonderful person, my dad Phil Hollis.  What is fascinating here is my dad got into computers way back in the early 1960’s when he entered the Air Force. Things were obviously quite different then and he joined us on the show to spin a yarn or two or three.

Phil Hollis

My dad takes us on his personal journey from the early 1960’s through the 1990’s. We not only explore many fascinating facts about computers, but my dad has many a fascinating story to share.

So build a campfire and pull up a chair as you enjoy this trip down memory lane with Phil Hollis and the earlier days of computers on this wonderful episode of Wisdom Trackers!

Looking for Calvin and Hobbes with Author Nevin Martell – Ep.6

Looking for Calvin and Hobbes byNevin Martell

Howdy folks - Space Man Spif….errrrr uhh, Dan Hollis here. What an exciting interview we had today on Wisdom Trackers! Our guest was Nevin Martell, author of Looking for Calvin and Hobbes: The Unconventional Story of Bill Watterson and his … [Continue reading]

Discussing An Amazing Film, The Wisdom Tree, with Writer-Director Sunil Shah – Ep.5

Dan here, co-host of Wisdom Trackers with my compadre Chris. A short while back we were invited to attend the premiere of an independent film titled The Wisdom Tree. [synopsis below]. We didn't know much about the film, however we were told that it … [Continue reading]

Climbing Mount McKinley, with Tom Fabbri – Ep.4


Our good friend Tom Fabbri, adventurer and life wrangler, shares the details of his latest conquest: climbing the highest peak in North America - Mount McKinley! First we touched on his overall goal of climbing the 7 highest peaks on the 7 … [Continue reading]

John Harvey Jr: Distinguished Toastmaster‎, Triathlete – Ep.3

John Harvey

A true Doer!  John Harvey Jr. shares his incredible story and the influence of his parents and wife.  Hopefully his four children absorb the massive amount of life wisdom he has gained. He was born in Trinidad, then lived in England for 16 years, … [Continue reading]

Tom Fabbri: Adventurer, Life Wrangler – Ep.2


How’s this for a Life Wrangler: Tom Fabbri is an airplane and helicopter pilot, culinary expert, winner of the Universe Natural Bodybuilding contest, author of Ageless You, and mountain climber in the process of climbing the 7 highest peaks on the 7 … [Continue reading]

Introduction to Wisdom Trackers – Ep.1

Fractal Recording

We're finally kicking off our Wisdom Trackers radio show!  This first episode gives a nice backstory of how this show came into being. And, most importantly, we discuss some strong wisdom from one of the greats- Henry Ford. He said, "Whether you … [Continue reading]