Discussing An Amazing Film, The Wisdom Tree, with Writer-Director Sunil Shah – Ep.5

The Wisdom Tree

The Wisdom Tree – Science meets Art meets Mysticism

Dan here, co-host of Wisdom Trackers with my compadre Chris. A short while back we were invited to attend the premiere of an independent film titled The Wisdom Tree. [synopsis below]. We didn’t know much about the film, however we were told that it was really good – and after all, it did have the word Wisdom in the title! Little did we know that we would be BLOWN AWAY by how good it was. It had everything: suspense, drama, sci-fi elements, quantum physics….but most importantly it got us emotionally invested and held our attention throughout the entire film. The script was exceptional and the acting superb.

[Find more information on the film's website: TheWisdomTreeFilm.com]

The Wisdom Tree

We had the pleasure in this installment of Wisdom Trackers of interviewing Sunil Shah, the writer/director of The Wisdom Tree. This film was Sunil’s baby, his creation - and what a creation it is! We dove into Sunil’s backround a bit and how he got into film making. We talked about the entire process for him: writing the screenplay, casting, directing, post production – and what all of these processes were like for him. And of course we talked a bit about the film itself, including the actors.

The three main characters are Sheetal Sheth (winner of several Best Actress Awards) as Dr. Trisha Rao (neuroscientist), Patrick Alparone as Steve Hamilton (quantum physicist), and Eric Holter as Mike Parker (FBI agent). In addition, one of the many other “characters” was Eastern Mysticism and we broached that subject as well.

(L to R) Dan Hollis, Sunil Shah and Chris Curran at Fractal Recording

(L to R) Dan Hollis, Sunil Shah and Chris Curran at Fractal Recording

What Sunil really wanted to do aside from creating a great film was to have the viewer question things, contemplate, and ultimately want to learn about certain subjects and concepts brought up in the film. We wrapped the show talking about his continued touring and screening of the picture and possible future plans. Sunil was a great guest, very humble, very enjoyable to be around. He brought a great deal of insight into the film for us and our listeners, and also shared a great deal of wisdom. Both Chris and I wish him a great deal of success with The Wisdom Tree. For anyone out there, if you know of any film distributors, give us a holler so we can share that with Sunil.

*My plea to you is:

SEE THIS FILM. It is outstanding!

Find more information on the film’s website: TheWisdomTreeFilm.com

Thank you so much, Sunil  :)

Synopsis of The Wisdom Tree

Science meets Art meets Mysticism.

For several years, Steve Hamilton, a self-conflicted quantum physicist has struggled to uphold and prove a groundbreaking theory that had ended his mother’s career when she proposed it years ago! Now, Steve’s research is also in jeopardy when a mysterious car accident leaves him in the throes of death! A chain of events brings Steve together with compassionate but unwavering neuroscientist Dr. Trisha Rao (Sheetal Sheth); and anguished FBI Agent Mike Parker, as they all get drawn into an intensifying mystery. However, not in their wildest dreams could they have foreseen what lay ahead!

Before long they’re engulfed in clues snowballing from science, art, music, mysticism; and oddly, through a bizarre set of coincidences, from their own past, present, and future too! As they struggle to interpret a multitude of hard-to-comprehend events, every answer evokes a set of new questions. Caught in the maze, tranquil Trisha not only steers them across a longwinded, ever-deepening mystery, but also helps Steve and Mike overcome their deep-rooted fears and guilt. However, this transformative spiritual journey also brings about a realization that the incident with Steve was merely the tip of an iceberg — the more worrisome, imminent danger lay in that the people of this planet are imperiled! In this story of personal redemption, if they can unravel the enigma, not only may they guide — and, thus save — the human race, but they may also chance upon the most profound and far-reaching discoveries… ever.

With Writer-Director Sunil Shah, Producers Laura Techera Francia and Renu Vora, The Wisdom Tree  features talented award winning actress, Sheetal Sheth, in the lead role, along with Patrick Alparone and Eric Holter as lead co-stars. Also, the indie boasts a stellar crew including nominees/award winners of the Oscars, Emmy, BAFTA, National Film Awards (India), Golden Reel, Independent Spirit, ASCAP, Grass Roots International, Artio, and Visual Effects Society (USA). This slow-paced, contemplative sci-fi mystery is a journey spanning intriguing artworks attuned to ethereal music. A haunting background score, coupled with carefully sketched cinematography and subtle sound design, add novel dimensions. The film heavily relies on — and attempts to bind — theories and doctrines, as well as hypotheses, from science and math, music, art, philosophy, mysticism, spirituality and intra-disciplinary possibilities, to create an engaging whole.

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